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The Dean's Statement

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All praise due to Allah, the Cherisher of the world, and peace and blessing be upon the Prophet of Allah, on his family and all his companions

In the beginning, it is a great pleasure and pride for me to be at the head of this essential educational edifice (College of Science - University of Baghdad), which is rising increasingly through the efforts of the distinguished elite of its teaching staff who are characterized by competence and experience regionally and globally in different science majors.

I would like to welcome with my fellow professors, dear students, and distinguished guests, who visit this website of the College of Sciences.

College of Sciences is one of the most prestigious institutions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. It continues to be an educational and teaching experience connected with lines of trust and transparency with the esteemed Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on the one hand, and with the community on the other side. It is focusing on ways to upgrade the paths of advancement and development through an integrated strategy that leads to the graduation of the distinguished elite that can compete in the labour market locally and regionally. The college has sought, from the first flashes of its establishment, to graduate specialists at a high level of competence able to compete locally and globally. Paying the march of development and progress and carrying the flag of scientific research are not only at the level of the University of Baghdad but also at the national and international level.

The College of Science is one of the leading colleges at the University of Baghdad. The college includes (9) scientific departments (chemistry, mathematics, physics, geology, biology, computers, astronomy and space, biotechnology, remote sensing and geographic information systems) and two research units (remote sensing unit and tropical biological research unit).  The college seeks, since its establishment, to keep abreast of scientific development in its study programs, whether at the level of the bachelor's degree or the standard of postgraduate studies (higher diploma, master's, doctorate) to continue to excel and raise its competitive position as a distinct research beacon. It is creating a distinguished personality for graduates to help them to excel and compete.

Through the goals set by the college represented in the continuity of the application of development programs. College of science always raises the level of performance of teaching staff,  administrators, technicians and students in a manner that is compatible with:

  • Achieving the requirements of academic standards according to the needs of local and international accreditation bodies.
  • Reaching a quality assurance system.
  • Providing training programs for teaching staff, technicians and administrators through the establishment of scientific conferences, specialized seminars and continuous training sessions.
  • Using modern technologies in the educational process.
  • Achieving and providing the appropriate environment for the student. Paying attention to quality outputs to match the need of the labor market.
  • Activating and developing the scientific research projects in the field of graduate studies and distinguished scientific research in the college following the strategies and techniques of scientific research advertised and Participation in the areas of international cooperation and international conferences to achieve the mission and goals of the university.

I ask Allah Almighty to grant success to all hands to serve this tremendous scientific edifice and this dear homeland, wishing success, reimbursement and success to all our students and may Allah grant success

 Prof. Khaled Abdullah Saleh

 Dean of the College of Science