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The College of Science was established on 27/3/1949, as a part of the college of Arts and science. Its main duties were the care of Liberal Arts and Sciences without constraining its goal of graduating professional specialists in narrow applied science. It has contributed to the emergence of the first seed of the scientific university education in Iraq and the day of foundation became deservedly (the science day) of the country.

Since its formation the college has included five scientific departments (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Zoology, and botany). The latter two departments were combined later on the form the department of Biological Sciences.
In 1953 the department of Geology was started and received its first group of students in 1954. In 1983 the Computer Science Department was founded as liaison to the task of developing higher education in the country. This department has received a detailed and close attention from the college due to.
In 1992, the Institute of Biotechnology was started. It was the only institute at the time that deals with this vital field at the level of academic research and to meet the need of other society sectors.
Through its relativity long path, the College of Science has witnessed important scientific developments, the most notable of which was establishing departments required to keep pace with most the scientific developments. In 1998 Astronomy Department was started followed by accepting for the first time undergraduate students in the Biotechnology department, in 1999 the unit of Remote Sensing was set up, Graduate Studies (Masters) in the department of Mathematics and Chemistry were started, in 1965 these studies have started on the same bases in the Physics Department .The Department of Geology and Biology have followed suit in 1966. The PhD studies were started in the Chemistry and Biology departments, in 1976 and in 1976-1977 in the department of Mathematics and Geology and in the Physics Department in 1978.
With this scientific and technical expansion, the college must necessarily undergo wide and divers expansion in facilities, buildings, and achievements.
As such the college has moved from the old building in Adhamiya, to the Baghdad University in Jadriya , in 1983  were the departments have spread out over a wide area occupying modern buildings suitably designed, surrounded by gardens and a stable and orderly atmosphere of knowledge and work. The continuous expansion of the college in students, staff and scientific fields has necessitated the construction of further buildings for the departments of Mathematics and Computer Sciences.
The college has been able to produce a large number of academically qualified  graduates that have the bachelor's , Master's and doctoral degrees , in 1992 the scientific monument designed to regulate the relationship between the college and other state institutions in providing such a high level services that are readily accepted by the scientific world.
The running of the college has been the responsibility of a succession of deans who deserve all over thanks and gratitude for their relentless efforts in modernizing all present aspects of the college.