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The Head of Remote Sensing and GIS Department

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Statement of the Head of the Department

     The Department of Remote Sensing and GIS one of the scientific departments that was founded in 2015 within the college of Science / University of Baghdad, and is the first department in Iraq for the preparation  of specialists in the field of remote sensing and the processing and analysis of images and data space and geo-information. This idea came to meet the needs of the labour market, And to the intense and necessary need for such specialization by state institutions which combines in his vocabulary the departments of earth sciences, physics and computers, As well as the department of Civil Engineering and Surveying Engineering in addition to concepts of Remote Sensing, processing and analysis of digital images.

The purpose of creating a department

       All interested in the studies of the natural sciences, the importance of contemporary studies related to information topics such as remote sensing, digital image analysis and computer processing, as well as geographic information systems (GIS), classified by most universities in developed countries (including the United States, Britain, Australia, France, Spain, etc.) as one of the most important contemporary sciences, which includes colleges, departments or scientific centers under these names, graduate annually many experts from both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

    Hence, the intention from establishing the department of remote sensing and (GIS) department within the College of Science / University of Baghdad, which is concerned with remote sensing sciences and its various applications in order to support the initiatives of information technology in Iraq and to keep abreast of recent developments in this field, especially in the modern scientific disciplines that emerged from these developments in developed countries. In response to the great demand in the various countries of the world to study the sciences related to remote sensing technology and geographic information systems and to use them in many fields, including security uses, the students were attracted to study these important scientific fields.