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The Head of the Biotechnology Department

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The Department of Biotechnology Sciences was established in 1993 as one of the scientific departments in the College of Science / University of Baghdad based on a future vision and scientific extrapolation to the country's future needs of scientific staff working in Applied Life Sciences.

The department was specialized in postgraduate studies (Masters, PhD) and gradually expanded its mission in offering the undergraduate studies since 1999. The department accepts the graduates of the secondary studies of the scientific branch to grant them a bachelor's degree in Biotechnology as well as The continuation of the department in granting the Masters and PhD degrees in the same specialization.

Biotechnology is a multi-faceted science and application, so it needs other sciences to fully integrate the production of materials of industrial and medical value. This field develops or improves the production of medicines, agricultural crops and health care supplies. It addresses many agricultural and environmental problems, aspects of waste recycling and production of materials Alternative and safe for use in various fields as well as the development of scientific solutions to the problems arising from industrial development and Contribution to development in Iraq.

This science has witnessed a great expansion in the late twentieth century to genetic engineering (genetic engineering) or molecular genetics and its applications.

The Department of Biotechnology consists of a group of academic lecturers who have Masters and PhD degrees contributed significantly and effectively building a solid scientific base for this vital specialization in Iraq. The Department has promoted greatly the graduation of several courses of graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology to occupy advanced positions in many Government and research institutions in Iraq.

The objectives of the Department of Biotechnology are to build strategies for modern and future scientific projects, raise the community of qualified in various fields of research for the applications of biotechnology, keep pace with scientific development and enrich it with scientific ideas and innovations in the medical, industrial, agricultural and environmental disciplines.