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The Dean's Statement

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Praise to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace upon the prophet ‎and messengers of our master Muhammad and his family and companions. ‎The College of Science is one of the leading colleges of the University of Baghdad. The College includes (9) scientific departments (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry,  Earth Sciences, Biology, Computer Science, Astronomy and Space, Biotechnology, Remote sensing and GIS) and two scientific units (the Sensor Unit, the Biologics Research Unit). The college aims to keep up with the scientific development in its academic programs both at the undergraduate level and at the postgraduate level (high diploma, master, doctorate), in order to continue its superiority and raise its competitive position as a distinguished research beacon and form a distinguished personality for graduates, and competition in the labor market through the objectives set by the college, which was the continuation of the application of development programs to raise the performance of faculty members of the faculty members, administrators, technicians and students in line with:
  1. Achieving the requirements of academic standards according to the requirements of local and international accreditation bodies.
  2. Achieving the quality assurance system.
  3. Provide training programs for faculty members, technicians and administrators through the establishment of scientific conferences and specialized seminars and continuing training courses.
  4. The use of modern technologies in the educational process.
  5. Achieve and provide the appropriate environment for the student.
  6. Attention to the quality of outputs to meet the need of the labor market The college also strives to activate and develop scientific research projects in the field of graduate studies and scientific research distinctive in the college according to strategies and techniques of scientific research announced and participate in the areas of international cooperation to achieve the message and the University's objectives.
I am proud and proud to be at the forefront of this important educational edifice (Faculty of Science - University of Baghdad), which we are witnessing year after year with the efforts of the distinguished elite of its faculty members in different disciplines of science who are competent and experienced regionally and globally. Since the first moments of its establishment, the college has endeavored to graduate specialists with a high level of competence capable of competing locally and internationally in order to advance the process of development and advancement and to carry the banner of scientific research not only at the University of Baghdad but at the national and international level. Finally, I ask God Almighty to help all employees to serve this great scientific edifice and this dear country and wish success to all our students in the College of Science and God reconcile and repay.

                                                                           Prof. Dr. Raid Kamel Naji
Dean of the College of Science