Academics and M.Sc. student from the college of science, university of Baghdad, participated in a virtual conference held by a Germany University

The Dr. Y. Rasheed, Dr. A. Taha and M. Sc. S. Haitham from the Dept. of Astronomy and Space in college of science, University of Baghdad, have participated in a virtual scientific conference about
                                                             “Exploring The Universe 2020”

which held at the University of Koln (Germany), pursuant to the invitation extended by the College of Maths and Natural Sciences/ The Institute of Astrophysics, with an international participates of researchers and who specialists in astronomy, space and physics. It is noteworthy, that those participants gave a virtual talk/lecture about “The Giant Black Holes in The Centre of Galaxy behind Stars Formation- Elsevert galaxies” and “The Using of High Angular Resolution to Detect Debris Disks”.