The Mathematical Philosophy behind Super Smart Unknown Civilization

The Department of Astronomy and Space at the College of Science at the University of Baghdad held a lecture entitled "The Mathematical Philosophy behind Super Smart Unknown Civilization", in the presence of a number of professors and  researchers.


The lecture given by Dr. Ali Taleb Mohammed aims to develop a computer simulation in a simple mathematical description of a certain civilization that is very intelligent and unknown to live on the planet. This civilization informs the organism of the evolutionary technologies that can not be simulated by the advanced scientific devices and their mathematical models .

The lecture included a computer simulation of an idea  that is similar to the creation of the universe and computer-generated creatures on the planet via  scientific hypothesis. The researcher supposed that there is a mathematical description of a civilization on the planet that can be super intelligent, unknown, undiscovered or known. “The current devices are unable to simulations of knowledge and information that can be drawn from that advanced civilization” he added.