In the name of Allah, the Merciful                                      
I am honoured to take over the responsibility of the head of the mathematics department. I have a great sense of privilege because of the history of this great department. With its prestige of the senior mathematics professors who came to preside over them and who studied at all levels of under/postgraduate education.
I believe in Allah to pay my sins and my colleagues to complete the march of this department in the dissemination of pure mathematics, applied mathematics and computer science, which has become the concern of scientists in all fields because of the huge breakthroughs in theoretical concepts and practical applications in the fields of medicine, environment and industry.
Mathematics is one of the most important topics that a person begins to learn since he begins his life, after learning the language directly. The person begins to learn the counting and the main mathematical processes such as addition, subtraction, etc. …, which is reflected in his daily and practical life in general. Mathematics, is the science that indicates quantity and methods and therefore it is used as a science to measure what in other sciences. No science can be completed without mathematics, and we cannot understand any of the sciences also unless we convert the relationships and phenomena to mathematical equations that show the relationship between what is of variables and constants. Humans used mathematics since the existence of man by instinct; because without people's awareness of what they were doing they measured their food and drink and time and space of the earth and others, the manuscripts and books in mathematics return to the Babylonians era who were practicing more than three thousand years ago. They knew the main computations; thus, we can see that mathematics began to develop, but the Babylonians in that period used other systems of calculation other than the numerical system used at this time.
The Department of Mathematics at the College of Science, University of Baghdad has a long history and successive series of events that exceeded sixty years. It is considered one of the largest sections of mathematics in Iraqi universities and its oldest. Its history is related to the founding date of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, in 1949. In 1958, the College of Science became a self-contained faculty in the name of the Faculty of Science and was incorporated into the University of Baghdad with the rest of the faculties. The mathematics department was one of its departments. The Department of Mathematics accompanied the evolutionary march witnessed by the Faculty of Science at all levels of education, research and partnership and the establishment of scientific partnerships with the other mathematics departments in the local, Arab and international universities and scientists in the research centres. In the field of education, the department completed the development of the bachelor's program and a large part of the requirements of academic accreditation within the College of Science / Baghdad University and at the postgraduate level. Also, the University, either in the field of scientific research has achieved a distinguished level of scientific publishing and the contribution of faculty members to publish research in various areas of local, Arab and global. The vision and strategy of Mathematics department is highlighted through three axes:
  • Providing a distinguished and internationally recognized university education.
  • Development of the postgraduate program to cope with qualitative development in higher education.
  • Scientific research and publication in peer reviewed journals.
The Department of Mathematics with all its staff and outstanding contributions to education and scientific research is taking strong and balanced steps towards achieving its future strategy to actively participate with the rest of the faculty to achieve leadership in education and scientific research to serve the nation.