The Department of Earth Science was established in 1953 as a division of the Faculty of Science at the University of Baghdad. The objectives of the department are to prepare specialists in the field of earth science and its applications and to explore the resources and geological surveys. This department is considered an applied department in the college which has a direct impact on supporting the national economy Iraq,

Many of the geologists, including scientists and specialists who contributed to the rest of the Iraqi, Arab and international universities, have graduated from this department. Professors - Department of Earth Science have contributed to the writings and translation of several textbooks and the publication of research in scientific and international journals.

The Department has many geological Branches like Geology, Geophysics, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Economic Geology, Oil Geology, Water Resources, Environmental Geology, Remote Sensing, Geology and Geomorphology

Since its establishment, the department has developed. Despite the difficult conditions that our beloved country is undergoing, it has made great achievements through its contributions to oil and mineral exploration, reserve assessment, environmental studies, water resources, archeology and combating desertification through the graduate projects (master's and doctorate) ) As well as in the field of geological studies

As the first female geologist heading the department at the University of Baghdad I seek to achieve the scientific development of the department using all means and possibilities available for the purpose of developing staff of the department and raise the students with high-level science skills.

I also would like to thank the pioneer geologists who graduated from this ancient High scientific Level, who later established  other Geological Department of Iraqi universitiesa